- Transmission problem lol
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    1. 08-01-2020 10:23 PM #1
      2001 jetta tdi. Automatic. Only works in reverse. Wants to grab in dive but dosent move. Same with 3rd and second. 1st on the shifter engages reverse. Has been sitting in a garage so everything is dry. I understand the trannys are ****. Bought it for the motor to go in my yota. I havent changed the fluid yet or checked level. Just wondering if this could just be a speed sensor module or something simple before I take the motor out. Any info would be apreciated.

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      08-05-2020 07:10 PM #2
      You are asking us before you are too lazy to check the fluid level.

      Why, your lazier than me!

      Just swap it to 5speed for The $1200 people want for the kits.

      Or also. Why are you asking us IF YOU DONT PLAN ON USING THE TRANS!?!?
      smiles per gallon in a tdi rabbit are unreal

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      08-06-2020 01:01 AM #3
      ' atta boy, over there and bite him on the a$$......hang on and let him drag you arooooond a little before you relax yerr grip..................hahahahahahaha

      Bilge has graduated from putzz school! He is officially a total putz.
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