Hi All,

I have searched low and high and can't seem to find another thread with similar problems so here we go:

I recently bought a used mk1 TT 225 with a Bose Concert system and it has this strange continuous popping noise from all the speakers with the key on and radio on.. When I start the car, the popping increases in speed. Please see this video which illustrates the noise (impromptu cameo from Taylor Swift): https://youtu.be/nwKHXjh-FUY

I have torn my interior apart as you can see and changed the amp and the head-unit and still have the same noise, here is the video with new deck (for some reason the music stopped working on this try as well): https://youtu.be/dCNb-xtQ6Ag

This is not the same issue as the Power up thump or pop or whatever, although I also have that issue too with the new deck lol.

Any advise would be great, I don't know where to start! Hopefully someone else has dealt with something like this.

PS. Also, not sure if relevant or related but the power windows seem to give me a hard time going back up, going up 70% and then reversing all the way down.