- TDI slight jerk/buck
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    1. 05-26-2020 02:24 PM #1
      Hey guys,

      I've got a 2012 Audi A3 TDI with 104,xxx miles on it, automatic. I've noticed recently it will out of the blue in low rpm without being on the throttle give a small jerk/buck kind of deal. Is this normal? I've owned the car for almost 6 months now and I know when i first got it I noticed it but then i thought it disappeared. Wife was driving it and mentioned it to me so now i notice it again. I haven't done a lot of research on it, It was kind of an impulse buy but i couldn't be happier with the car.

      I've been called a D!ck a time or two.

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      05-28-2020 01:55 AM #2
      If you have the S-tronic/DSG transmission, pay attention if it acts up more often after the car's warmed up. These transmissions are known to have problems with the valve body/mechatronics. Basically, either the electronic components are failing or the internal valves have worn themselves out. When the fluid gets hot and thin, it interferes with the ability of the electronics or the fluids can't build up pressure quickly to shift smoothly.

      The easiest fix is a new transmission about $6K USD (dealer's only option)
      Next cheapest fix is a new/rebuilt mechatronics ~ $ 1 - 2K (only do it at a VW/Audi experienced shop)
      Cheapest fix is DIY solenoid/valve replacement ~ $500 (only if you know your way around removing a valve body and are comfortable with electronics)
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      05-29-2020 10:00 PM #3
      If you can access an OBDII scan tool, it's likely the problem has left clues in the form of a diagnostic code. This code will lead you to a more definitive course of action.

    5. 06-03-2020 06:47 AM #4
      Okay thanks for the information! And as to codes it doesn’t have anything stored in either computer. It only does it once in a blue moon now it seems.
      I've been called a D!ck a time or two.

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      06-22-2020 01:48 PM #5
      Coils, plugs? When was the last time they were changed? Oil, as well...Variable cam timing adjusters hate dirty oil!

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