- Limp mode from failed axle replacement?
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    1. 05-21-2020 07:29 PM #1
      Hey all, so Im having a weird issue with my ‘09 2.0T auto. Long story short, my passenger side CV axle was bent, so I took it to a shop to throw in a brand new axle that I bought from autozone for $90. When they finished, we noticed that the check engine light was on, and there was a hard clunk in the transmission going from park to reverse/drive.

      The shop owner scanned the codes, and it showed like 3 engine related issues (something about the valves) Which doesn’t make any sense to me because all they did was install an axle and correct my alignment. I had no engine issues prior to this.

      We decided to throw the original bent axle back in to see if that would fix the transmission clunking and check engine light, but it didn’t. I ended up taking the car back home with the original bent axle, but I soon realized that it was stuck in limp mode. So now I’m thinking the clunk in the transmission going into drive and reverse is because the car is stuck in third or fourth gear. 

      I’d rather not schedule an appointment with the Volkswagen dealership, so I’m curious, is there something in vagcom that would allow me to get out of limp mode? Maybe reset the transmission? Or would simply disconnecting the battery get the car out of limp mode?

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      05-22-2020 08:34 AM #2
      If trans is in limp mode 3rd gear only.
      Sometime the gear display in instrument cluster will go blank. Basically all will be highlighted and you can't tell if your in PRND.
      You need a shop to scan the TCU (trans control unit) for codes VCDS will do this. Basically any EURO scanner will scan trans computer.
      You need to read codes and clear them from TCU not engine ECU. Doesn't sound good trans may have gotten damaged when you bent axle.

      Good Luck

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