- Persistent throttle body issues
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    1. 04-28-2020 10:14 PM #1
      So I got the vcds hexv2, and i followed the directions to doing an alignment for the throttle body, but it's still saying it needs an alignment performed and that there's other issues too?
      My original issue was that the car is throwing EPC light and its stuttering and not holding revs at idle. I did my research on it and discovered it was the throttle body, or pedal. So i bought a used Tb, cleaned it, and got a new pedal from rock auto and replaced that, then the issue was still there. So I got the hex-v2 to perform an alignment and for other uses for the vehicle and it performed it, but still saying it needs an alignment done while epc light still on and problem persists. I did some more research with the other codes that showed up and resulted with needing a new crankshaft sensor, throttle body wiring, new throttle body( that will need to be purchased brand new) and apparently fuel filter. I copied and pasted the resulted codes below, just wanted to get an opinion before i pull the plug on purchasing new parts. Thank you.

      4 Faults Found:
      17987 - Throttle Actuator (J338)
      P1579 - 35-10 - Adaptation Not Started - Intermittent
      17953 - Throttle Valve Controller
      P1545 - 35-10 - Malfunction - Intermittent
      17579 - Angle Sensor 2 for Throttle Actuator (G188) Implausible Signal
      P1171 - 35-10 - - Intermittent
      17976 - Throttle Actuator (J338)
      P1568 - 35-00 - Mechanical Failure

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    3. 04-28-2020 10:24 PM #2
      ah, I should have specified, I have a manual transmission, 2003 mk4 jetta wolfsburg 1.8t if that helps

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      04-29-2020 09:10 AM #3
      Why not post up your complete Auto Scan from your Hex-V2 between code tags. have /Had any O2 sensor dtc?
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      04-29-2020 09:16 AM #4
      Check you O2 wiring at exhaust for rubbing. O2 known to shout out against the body of car usually $hitty exhaust installs.
      This can and does kill ECU if bad enough.
      If all wiring to O2 sensor good.
      All 6 wires from Throttle body to ECU is the big one that is a real pain in the A$$.
      It's called throttle body overlay harness.

      Done a few in my life.

      Good Luck

    7. 04-29-2020 07:00 PM #5
      so good news, i hope this is a fix, and it will fix it, going to test and run some stuff, and will report back, so far did the repair and now its been idling well ( for much longer than ever with epc light gone) without stalling or causing any different in revs. Will post in more detail with a picture of post repair of what was done after. Hopefully this is what the problem was.

    8. 04-29-2020 07:58 PM #6
      So took a closer look at the throttle body, specifically the wiring connecting to the tb sensor, two of them were torn, a large white one and a small blue one (luckily it was only two). So stripped them and did some repairs with fixing the connection, then started it, and turned it off, ran vcds, cleared dcts, then did a tba. Tba went well and finished up, started car for 30 minutes (may have been a bit longer) with occasional pedal press starting to 1000 rpm, then 2000, and then finally 3000. Car works smoothly now, added a picture for reference.

      all is well! thank you for your input and looking at my post, hopefully this helps others in the future too!

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