Iím sorry if this is a simple question, but this is my first VW (and my first German car). Iíve searched the forum and the factory service manual and canít find much info.

I have a 2010 VW CC 2.0t (CBFA) and it is throwing codes for a fuel pressure regulator (P2293) and misfires on #1 & #3. I know to check plugs and coils, but found what I think is a potential issue on initial inspection: what looks to be a missing vacuum line between the intake manifold and something near the FPR.

I canít find any references in the service manual about a line coming off this manifold port. The other empty port appears to be beneath the FPR, and Iím not entirely sure what the part is, so I donít know where in the manual to check. TLDR: I could use some help in identifying these parts and if there is supposed to be anything attached to them. I have uploaded some pictures, viewable at https://imgur.com/a/qP7tdtz
Thank you in advance.