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    Thread: Cam ID help

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      Apr 28th, 2013
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      04-20-2020 06:31 PM #1
      Hi guys I've got what I believe is a techtonics tuning cam but I don't know much more than that. I think it's a tt cam because of the paint marking both yellow and green, and it's got an tt adjustable camshaft sprocket attached to boot.

      Cam lift appears to be 0.450" ish I'm no machinist so I get numbers right around that for each lobe. I see yellow and I see green on the tt site but not both.

      There are stampings on the end that say 109, and GH5A. Along the cam there are others 3, Z, and BH, and on other I can't tell.

      Any ideas? I've got a question about it in with TT but maybe someone here knows the answer. Thanks.

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    3. 07-24-2020 09:17 AM #2
      It is a Autotech 270 cam, late reply anyway.

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