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      03-25-2020 03:57 PM #1

      I am looking for advice on scan tools. As a former automotive tech, who is aspiring to be so again, I have used the Snap-ON Modis, however I have no illusions on affording that for my personal garage. The last shop I worked at also had an Autel which they used for European and Exotic makes (Maserati, and such). Given that whatever I buy will be used mostly on a 2011 VW Golf TDI, I was looking at this one...

      Seeking any and all advice. Thanks.
      Even a blind squirrel finds a nut in the dark, sometimes.

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    3. 03-26-2020 10:14 AM #2
      I have never found any aftermarket tester to be worth much. The information you get from your tester allows you to make the proper diagnosis and the final repair. If you start with a weak foundation, it does not end up well.

      For VW, Ross-tech is about the best there is. Yes, you get what you paid for.

      I have a factory BMW and Mercedes tester, it's the best out there [and the most expensive].

      I have a few clients that push me to service their Porsche's. I'm too old to learn a new product line but I like all my clients [those that I do not like are not my clients]. I did purchase a cheap iCarsoft []so I could at least look at codes and most importantly reset the service indicator. So far, it seems to work well for the cost.

      I understand cost/value is your issue but for VW, buy Ross-tech. Excellent help and free software updates for life.

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