So first thing first keep in mind english is not my first language . i will try to do my best here.
A specialise shop was supose to fix my problem but everything here is close due to covid-19.

My car is a 2016 Jetta 1.4T ( threadline + canadian model )
I have heated seat with manuel ajustement . i put my hand on a set of super clean GTI mk6 seat ( power seat )

after install i quick realise the power fuction doesnt work ! my car didnt come with the wire install. So what i do is i jump the wire ( 12V Constant with the wire i presume control the power motor - see picture )
And it work ! so i after realise the Airbag wont work without VAGcom i pull the seat out and install the original one . Then the problem appear . BOTH heated seat doesnt work... I chek fuse they look ok. I tried 2 different black box ( under seat ) and it doesnt work.

can someone tell me how to fix my heated seat ? thank you