- A8 VCDS coding
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    Thread: A8 VCDS coding

    1. 03-23-2020 06:48 AM #1
      Hi to all,
      recently I bought a 2004 A8L W12 jewel (European model/specs). However one minor issue annoys me and I wonder if anyone here can help me resolve it using the VCDS.
      So, when the light switch is in the O position, Daytime Running Lights shine at full brightness. However when i turn the light switch in the parking lights (side marker lights) position, taillights turn on but the DRLs become dim (maybe shine at like 10-20% of their full brightness). How can I make them shine at full brightness like in the O position?
      Thank you so much in advance!
      (hope the explanation of the issue is clear enough)
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