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    1. 03-23-2020 06:00 AM #1
      So I saved up 2.4 Million credits to get a nice super car.

      Since I already own the senna my choice felt on the Bugatti Chiron..

      After five minutes driving arround I'm feeling very disappointed.

      It just don't look as good as the veyron, the handling is **** and also the acceleration is not good at all.. worst is the sound.. no deep roar or something like that, just a lame boring sound.

      I regret buying it immediately..

      I don't know how to describe, after my 5 minute drive I had enough and put it in the auction House which brought me at least 2 Millions back..

      Everybody else disappointed?

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    3. Semi-n00b MattieGibbons's Avatar
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      Feb 22nd, 2020
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      Yesterday 04:46 AM #2
      They’re all over AliExpress too FWIW, good buyer protection, TopCashBack etc. Seem to be about the same price, either £55 + 40 shipping or £95 base price and free shipping.

      You can get the Porsche too, plus a Ferrari F1 car etc.
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