- 1987 gti 16v cis-e idel but wont accelerate
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    1. 03-22-2020 08:52 PM #1
      My gti will idel and run but as soon as I push the throttle it dies immediately. I'm not sure if the fuel mixture is off or what but turning the fuel screw will bring the idle up and down but the result is the same, if I accelerate it will die.

      I just got this car and it had been sitting for a few years. It has fresh gas and it's getting fuel to the injectors. Any help is appreciated.

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    3. 03-23-2020 09:46 AM #2
      Did you check the basics? Ignition timing? Current at the DPR? Vacuum leaks? If so, post your results. Fine/OK is not a test result.

    4. 03-23-2020 09:50 AM #3
      I started replacing the vaccum lines yesterday. I havent checked the other stuff yet. That's really why I asked I just wanted to know what else to look for other than vaccum. It took a while to just get it running and now that it is I'm just eliminating issues. I've always hated messing with cis. I'll get the other stuff checked and let you know how that went. Thanks.

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