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Here is my issue: I have a 76 year old mother who is locked into her first floor apartment for weeks and needs some socialization. She lives 5 hours away in a state that is now "shelter in place". My state will probably have that order in a few days as well.

I am thinking about driving down to talk to her through her first floor window (closed window and talk on the phone) so she doesn't get even more depressed. I have sort of preplanned the trip: bring my own food, I would only need to stop once for gas. Outside contact would be extremely minimal. My wife and I have a box of latex gloves left over from when her dad was alive so staying clean to pump gas wont be an issue(had dementia and incontinence issues)I have been trying to get her to download Zoom, but she wont. She has an android, I have an iPhone, so easy video calls are out. I think me talking to her through the window for an hour would be more uplifting then a phone call or video call.

Will I even get stopped? if so, will I be arrested or fined?

Is it worth the minimal risk to bring an hour of happiness to a shut in?
The shelter-in-place orders here in the Bay Area currently allow for going out for exercise: walking, hiking, etc. Elder care is considered "essential activity" under the orders that I am familiar with. Worst case: Bring food, bottled water or toilet paper with you. If you get stopped, explain that you are bringing essential supplies to your mother. So far, it's not that you can't go out at all. Just stay away from other people.