- I get to have some seat time in a newer Jag F-type. Let me show you.
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    1. Senior Member chucchinchilla's Avatar
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      03-04-2020 07:10 PM #26
      I really like these cars and think they offer a huge bang for the buck on the used market although given the age/spec/miles of this particular car, I wouldn't pay a dime over $38,556.
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      This forum is more and more of an embarrassment every day...

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      03-04-2020 07:32 PM #27
      4 cylinder turbo? no **** you learn something new today

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      03-04-2020 07:47 PM #28
      Quote Originally Posted by Abe Froman View Post
      Other than looks & sound, yeah.
      Looks are subjective, obviously (I much prefer the mid-engine proportions of the Cayman).

      But I don't see how you can take a 4-cylinder F-Type over a 4-cylinder Cayman on sound. They both sound like garbage.

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      03-04-2020 08:55 PM #29
      Quote Originally Posted by mrspeedmaster View Post
      That is why you buy used. Let the other guy take the depreciation. A 16-17 F-Type R can be had for $60k. Retail is $110k with options 120k.
      You can get low mileage examples with 8-10k on the clock. You get 550 horsepower. Depending on what magazine you read, 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, 1/4 mile in the high 10s.

      And nothing, I repeat, nothing beats the growly exhaust of the 5.0 liter v-8 engine. It is one of the loudest, obnoxious production car exhaust under $200k. It basically has supercar specs. Fast launches with AWD.

      Thats what I did. I got a nice CPO. And did I mention the growly exhaust.

      From Jalopnik,

      It is so loud, they had to turn it down for 2021.
      Different strokes. I've no interest in a 550 hp loud version of anything. I don't live on a racetrack, sadly. My RX8 was great, my MR2 was great, my 86 is great, and my Z06 was stupid.

      I'm hoping to get into a base (probably non-turbo) Cayman eventually. This F-type is in the right ballpark for a sporty car that can be used in the real world. If they end up dropping like rocks to <$30k used then maybe I'll try one.

    6. 03-04-2020 09:05 PM #30
      Is it weird that I knew OP was in Kansas after looking at the first pic just from watching a few Hoovie's Garage videos?

      I've always loved the F-Type coupes. Always got a soft spot for that fastback profile.

    7. Member BlakeV's Avatar
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      03-04-2020 09:24 PM #31
      Sex appeal:
      Jaguar F-Type 1
      Any Porsche 0

    8. 03-04-2020 09:46 PM #32
      I met a guy with a V6 S coupe, manual, at Road America last year. He was hustling it around pretty good. It's not just a pretty face. And the V6 sounds bonkers, too. Not quite to the level of the V8 but it bangs and crackles like the best of 'em. Pretty tiny cars on the inside, though.
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    9. 03-04-2020 10:37 PM #33
      They're way too heavy, which to me kills the dynamics of the car.

      I've driven the V8 and V6 versions of the car- they sound awesome, look really nice. The weight is a killer- makes a 550hp car seem kind of slow (which it really is not), compared to something like a C6 Z06 or a 911.

      Visibility is not so good- kind of claustrophic inside, especially with a helmet on.

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