- Damage found post purchase
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      03-02-2020 06:27 PM #1
      The other day I bought a 2019 Golf R.

      Closed the deal late into the night. Honestly I didn’t do the most thorough inspection, lesson learned. When I got home, I noticed the rear diffuser was sort of on an angle......didn’t look right. I brought it in for service to take a look. They look in there and basically say “This needs to goto a body shop”. This is a brand new car. The diffuser showed no scratches. It was however very warped when you get down on the ground and look at it. I have no idea what caused this. Perhaps this was something from loading/unloading on the transporter.

      They said to bring it in later and have the service manager look at it (he was out the day I brought it in). So I am like super uneasy, like this has me really rattled.

      When I get home from service appointment, I notice the front bumper has scratches. BIG SCRATCHES. Like super deep scratches, very wide too. It looks like someone tapped my car up against another car, wall, something, and hit the brakes, because the scratches sort of make a path vertical. On the very tip, most front portion of the bumper.

      I don’t know what to do. I have reported this to the dealership (basically the sales guy that sold me the car) and I am still trying to catch up with the service manager.

      Its so ironic. I mean I am going into service to complain about damage to my car that was pre-purchase, and my car ends up getting damaged again.

      I am worried. Like what if they tell me to Go **** myself. I asked for the sales photos (i mistakingly didnt download those) and they said they don’t think they have them. (it was posted on their site with multiple photos). The rear diffuser is something you wouldnt notice in a cursory look, but if you stand far back enough its more obvious if you are looking for it. Even the front bumper damage on the right angle in the shade you could miss it. I discovered diffuser when I got home from purchase (70mi on ODO), I discovered the bumper after getting home from service, 200mi on ODO. Any advise on what I should do? I am going to catch up with service manager, and explain what I know. I am hoping they just fix the diffuser (its more than a replacement diffuser, metal is bent up in there), and I hope while its getting that work done they re-spray the bumper............
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    3. 06-09-2020 03:13 AM #2
      Yes, if any damage happens before the purchase, is there any price drop.

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