I got a pretty good laugh out of it. I guess they try to blame everything else. I don’t want to name them because they did send out new bulbs and so far have been great to do business with.
The first message is at the bottom and it ends at the top.

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voltage is high - you have vcd coding in your car? vcd coding will cause all kinds of electrical voltage spikes and don't suggest installing our LEDs with them - we never had luck as OEM operation these are fine - once people mess with VCD it causes issues with bulbs.

you can return what is damage for new ones

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I understand. At first I had all four tail lights with leds and two bulbs burnt out so I put the two good leds as the brake lights and regular bulbs in turn signals, all was well for almost a year. The front turn signals will flicker when the main headlight switch is on then go off and the bulb out warning will pop up. Driving during the day with headlight switch in the off position, all is well. No bulb out warning.
I just checked with vcds and then a multimeter directly at the front turn signal sockets and with engine not running 12.27 volts, with engine running 13.29 volts. No fuses are blown and are the correct amp rating.

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ok the front turns is very odd - do you have vcd coding - this indicates so many going out in a short period of time voltage that are affecting the LEDs - we don't feel new ones would fix this

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Just the passenger brake is out. Both front turn signals are out.