- Audi S3 8P big turbo build
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    1. n00b
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      Nov 30th, 2018
      2006 Audi S3 8P manuel
      12-30-2019 10:10 AM #1
      Hi! I'm planning an Audi S3 8P big turbo build. I now run with TTE480 Stage 2 WMI and a lot of other upgrades. I have a totally refurbished and forged engine and head.
      Spec list for the new big turbo build.
      Maxxecu Race engine control system, no more original ECU, a complete fuel and ignition system.
      Max Ported head with 1mm oversize valves in and exhaust. Catcams, IE upgraded suction manifold, LOBA HPFP running Autotech now. Larger throttle body 76 mm stock 57 mm, upgrade intake to CTS with 3 "MAF housing.
      Adjustable camshaft drive, Larger Injection set running RS3 8V now, the new Injection set is special
      1500cc to fit in original contacts. And the CTS turbo Boss 700 turbo kit
      (Garrett GTX3076R).
      Link to the turbo kit:
      What do you guys think of the turbo manifold? Will it be a bottleneck for impact?
      I aim for 550 BHP.
      Would it pay to upgrade the turbo manifold to a tube shaped? Anybody have any tips? Can I achieve 550 BHP with the kit and manifold included?
      Thank you to everyone who can help me with the choice of Turbo manifold. Help needed. Does anyone know of a tube shaped Turbo exhaust manifold that fits the S3 8P that is not visible when looking at the engine from the front? A Turbo exhaust manifold
      (which is covered by air intake)?

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    3. Member
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      Sep 3rd, 2012
      South of Ponto
      2012 Audi A3
      12-31-2019 03:06 AM #2
      I'm not incredibly familiar with CTS offerings, but the manifold should not stop you from achieving your power goals. If you want that kit / turbo setup and you're concerned about flow in the manifold, the best thing IMO is to have it ported and polished by a reputable machine shop. Tubular manifolds are nice, but not as strong and take up more room. The transverse layout of the 8P chassis puts a lot of the turbo weight on the manifold with the aid of a steel bracket. I don't know of anyone that sells an off the shelf tubular manifold, you would probably need to have one made.

      If cost isn't an issue and you want maximum flow, my recommendation would be to have the turbo and the manifold ported and polished. the next step would be to have the manifold, turbo, and downpipe ceramic coated before install.

      Just my two cents, but there you have it. Hope you get it figured out and find what you're looking for.

    4. Member
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      May 8th, 2014
      Waukegan IL
      01-03-2020 11:15 PM #3
      I have a top mount manifold for sale . Complete with downpipe and intake .

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