- Am I SOL? RNS 510 Bluetooth Retrofitted
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    1. n00b
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      Mar 27th, 2019
      New Mexico, USA
      2013 VW Jetta GLI Autobahn
      12-14-2019 04:31 PM #1
      I bought an RNS 510 to install into my 2013 Jetta GLI Autobahn off ebay to replace my RNS 315. I understand the possibility I may or may not an external bluetooth module in my car but my issue is I'm not sure the radio even supports bluetooth.
      Radio - RNS 510 3CO035684E production date 8/14/11
      When I press the media button it take me to the screen you'd typically find bluetooth option but there is none. Do I have to code in a bluetooth (only have OBDeleven) like I had to, to make the fender audio system work or am i SOL on this purchase?
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