- Any VW dealership detailers? If so, what are you doing about the blue stickers on the Tiguan?
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    1. 12-07-2019 12:32 PM #1
      You know exactly what blue stickers i am talking about. For some reason my dealership waits until the car is sold then brought to me to remove all the wrapping and stickers, they don't do it during PDI and noticed many other dealers do the same. The adhesive left on the body is manageable, i just have to use plenty of cancer causing chemicals to remove it, oh well..My question is if you figured out a way to remove the blue stickers on the lower chrome trim without causing any damage to chrome, i tried a heat gun and did absolutely nothing, one thing that helped is hot water and a plastic razor blade but it still scratched the chrome. And why doesn't VW make dealers aware of this issue? I have spoken to the management countless times, most mechanics do remove them now but many still forget and after so many complaints our 2020's are starting to arrive and some of them still have the stickers on.

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      Eraser wheel, just go slow and don't build up too much heat.
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