- I hate screens -- This is a thread for your favorite switches, knobs, pulls, and any other tactile car things.
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    1. 11-28-2019 07:43 PM #51
      Quote Originally Posted by A.Wilder View Post
      I thought it was pretty cool they made the Chiron without a lot of screens to keep it "timeless".
      just like TT and R8

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      12-02-2019 09:51 PM #52
      Quote Originally Posted by CostcoPizza View Post
      I'm a broken record around here.

      I post too many times in too many threads about how I can't stand screens and nonphysical buttons. Instead, here's a thread that seeks to accomplish just the opposite.
      Does this freak you out? I wasn’t too excited at first but have actually grown quite used to it.

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      12-02-2019 09:54 PM #53
      Quote Originally Posted by fortyfive1911a1 View Post
      Does this freak you out? I wasn’t too excited at first but have actually grown quite used to it.

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      I don't like that.
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      12-03-2019 01:51 PM #54
      Quote Originally Posted by HarryC View Post
      super simple, but I LOVE the way old Honda switchgear feels, up through about 2005 or so

      Old accord:


      I love the tactile way things move and click. Just reeks of quality, even down to a DX model Civic.

      Absolutely this. My Dad's beater CB7 that had definitely seen better days before becoming his, had some of the nicest feeling switchgear and materials. It just oozed attention to detail.

      The XV10 Camries I test drove a few years ago had a similar "expensive" feel, even down to the way the gear selector's action was silky smooth through the damped detents, although IMO the Honda was still superior.

      These days the new switchgear in the Accord feels very Audiesque in the way they have a short throw and a tactile/audible click. I hope it spreads to other models as their lineup gets redesigned.

      Quote Originally Posted by B3passatBMX View Post
      Always loved the satisfying clunk you get from pulling the transfer case selector in an XJ. It was a very analog and mechanical feeling to yank it into 4X4.
      YES! I loved this about my XJ. Felt better than just pushing a button.

      I also like the cruise control mini stalk that Toyota used.
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    6. 12-03-2019 02:58 PM #55
      thanks to the person who posted the MR2 switches. I completely forgot about those - I loved them. In fact, I loved the whole interior of my AW11.
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