Hello guys,

8 months ago some girl hit my car with her vehicle and scratch the left defender + driver door (The car was with Original paint - No accident before - Girls Girls Girlllllllllllsss ).
I have full insurance and repair ONLY in the official VW dealer in Bulgaria.

The Official VW dealer fixed the car with painting the left defender + driver door. When i went to get my car, I saw the difference of the colors (You can even in the photos attached)
They said, that because its new paint, its look different, and give it one month and the paint will be like the the rest of the car.
I wait 8 months, and the paint become more worst.

I went again to VW dealer, they said we have to pain the rear left passenger door, in order to merge the difference, and maybe we have to paint all left side (left rear door + lefr rear defender..
They claimed that this color so hard to paint it equal (Selver Metalic).


My questions:

Is it true that its not easy to paint the defender + door with the same color of the car ?? each car color have specific code.
I have the feeling that they are ass-halls, and i don't wanna paint all the left side of the car.

They said Polish will not help , and have to paint again.

Can you please suggest me what to do ?

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Thanks in advanced.