Hey guys, just picked up a 1998 A4 1.8tqm, AEB; (181,000mi) Was in a fender bender 3 years ago, had to replace the radiator support, rad, some intake hoses and some other little goodies. Car has united motorsports stage 3 tuning, injectors and k04. So anyways just got around to fixing it up, fired it up and the idle shoots straight to 3000rpm, fairly steady I might add, no CEL. My thinking is I must have a massive vacuum leak somewhere after the throttle body. Currently the n75 is not connected to anything and there are a few vacuum leaks on the airbox side, but my thinking is that the leak MUST be after the throttle body. So now onto my question: is there anywhere in particular I should look that could be leaking this much? Could the wastegate possibly be stuck shut?