- New BMW M2 CS
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    Thread: New BMW M2 CS

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      11-08-2019 04:17 PM #51
      Quote Originally Posted by Quinn1.8t View Post
      Priced similar to a GT4, I'd go GT4 9 out of 10 times.
      Yeah, cars like this don't need to have any 'value' per se, and I'd expect it to be a hefty mark-up from the M2 Comp which actually does have quite a bit of value. But the UK price seems like it was pulled from thin air. I dunno, we'll soon enough I suppose.

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      11-08-2019 05:14 PM #52
      Nice but this should be the base car.
      "No manual, no care."

      Quote Originally Posted by davewg View Post
      It wasn't just about the top of the dash. Or stroking it. It was just the overall feel inside the cabin. Everything was fine until you looked at the dashboard.

    4. 11-08-2019 07:25 PM #53
      I hope they put the new M3 grill on this one next.

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