- Vacuum pump replacement
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    1. 10-29-2019 06:14 PM #1

      I can’t find anything on how to replace the vacuum pump on a VW GTI 2.0 TSI engine. If anyone has instructions on a DIY for it I’d really appreciate it!

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    3. n00b
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      11-22-2019 02:45 AM #2
      depending on the issue with the vacuum pump - if it's just an oil leak you can get this:

      otherwise be prepared to shell out upwards of $300 for repair - it's always good to get a replacement gasket as well, which is 06H103121F

    4. 11-22-2019 03:18 AM #3

      It seems to just be an oil leak. I had the car looked over by Volkswagen before purchasing it and they said the whole pump needed to be replaced because of the leak. I think I’ll try the kit before spending a lot more on a new pump.

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