- Difference between Continental GT v8 & v8s
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    1. 10-27-2019 11:54 AM #1
      Hi guys , please can anyone tell me how to differentiate between the Continental GT V8 & V8s from the exterior body ?

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    3. 10-27-2019 11:58 AM #2
      I’m talking about 2011-2013 shape & what’s after until the new generation.

    4. 11-04-2019 11:23 AM #3
      To name af few changes, the V8 S of that period received a front splitter, rear diffuser, lowered suspension and much more.

      Although it does not look much different than the regular V8, they did change quite a few cosmetic items on the car, just as well increasing the horsepower to 521 from 500 on the regular V8.

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    6. 11-06-2019 11:01 PM #4
      So they only added front splitter and the rear diffuser (the 2 lined one)? I know about the engine.
      And thanks!

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