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    1. 10-24-2019 11:46 PM #1
      I’m cleaning out back shelves of Audi coupe GT parts for cars I no longer have. Most parts are NOS (including some rare or discontinued parts), some reman. and a few are used, most of them the same for both and Audi Coupe GT and VW Quantum Syncro Wagon (“QSW”) with 5 cylinder engines (I’ve owned both). I’m opening this thread to liquidate those parts. Previously I parted out some QSW parts and the balance of that car on the VW threads. Participants were pleased with the process, costs, packaging and shipping. My Coupe GT’s are gone, although I still have a whole rear right side body panel that includes the rear window. It is cut so that it includes about a foot of the roof and includes lid and trunk gutters – for pickup only. Please send a PM with any questions or bids. Make a reasonable bid and we’ll arrive at price – anyone can search parts pricing – this will be less, and shipping will be actual USPS or UPS costs, Payment via Paypal.

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    3. 10-28-2019 06:25 PM #2
      I am looking for an analog instrument cluster for an 86 coupe and both door mirrors.

      Send me a PM

    4. 03-08-2020 11:30 PM #3
      Window and wiper motors?

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