- Can TCL help me ID the cars in this picture?
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      10-20-2019 10:31 PM #1
      The building in the middle without the car parked out front is my father's childhood home in Cairo. Supposedly the near car with the roof rack is owned by a family friend who is a taxi driver and used to drive my family around at no cost as they didn't have a car. I believe it is what he picked me up in when I went to visit my family in 2006. Can't seem to recall though because I was too busy fearing for my life with how they drive over there. My father was asking me what the cars were today and would like to answer him with your helo.

      Thanks, Jacob.

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      10-20-2019 11:28 PM #2
      Looks like a Chery A5 or Speranza A516
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