- Anyone with experience with the APR Stage 1 ECU tune or the APR Plus?
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    1. Member
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      Mar 17th, 2013
      Las Vegas
      2011 TT roadster
      10-19-2019 09:54 PM #1
      Looking to mod my new to me 2017 base TT and the APR tunes look pretty good on paper
      2017 Glacier & Admiral Blue TTR
      Prior TTRs 2001 and 04 lake silver/amber baseball, 2011 Scuba
      Active participant since 2002 and present Chairman of TT West
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    3. n00b
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      Nov 6th, 2019
      2016 Audi TT coupe
      11-07-2019 04:45 AM #2
      Good question. I just picked up a 2016 and am considering the same. Seems like there are many options out there but APR is and Unitronic are highly recommended I’m noticing in many Audi forums pp
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    4. 02-01-2020 08:11 AM #3
      Big difference with Unitronic is their support. Have never been satisfied with their technical or customer support. It's funny how they won't even introduce themselves with their name when they call. No customer satisfaction surveys ever, unlike every other business these days. I've heard of much better support from APR.

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