- What are the issues with 2008 A4's?
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    1. n00b
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      Oct 11th, 2019
      Tuscumbia, AL
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      10-18-2019 12:11 AM #1
      I have seen a couple of 2008 A4's for sale that seem like a decent deal. I know Audi is owned by VW and they seem to make engines that are so fragile that you risk blowing them up every time you step on the gas. Do Audi's suffer from the same problems? What are the things that go wrong with these cars that should be watched for? Are they reliable? Any issues to look for or be wary of?


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    3. Junior Member
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      Sep 20th, 2011
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      89 Golf,mk3 95 golf 2.0L
      10-18-2019 02:45 PM #2
      The 2008 engine 2.0L is a solid engine. EA113 I love the fuel efficiency and pep. i do not mind the maintenance and enjoy doing it. To me nothing is perfect but to me its something that meets all my needs.

      Its cost of ownership is higher then some other cars if you do not do the maintenance yourself. and if you do not do the maintenance you will find these engines to be "fragile that you risk blowing them up every time you step on the gas"

      Beyond wear and tear the biggest issue I think was the Cam follower and related damage to the chain tensioner in the cam housing. But you can convert it to a TSI wheel and that solves alot of issues.

      The latest 2009 up EA888 engine is actually a thinner wall and basically the same engine but (In my mind) more expensive because they moved all the cam chain to the front and made one big timing chain. So what your left with is a more pricier maintenance cost.

      Being the belt and small chain parts cost far less then one big chain.

      These both (TSI EA888 and TFSI EA113) are GDI engines meaning a good cleaning out of the intake valves manually by hand with some chemicals to dissolve carbon and a air hose or with (i recommend) walnut shell blasting)

      I would make sure there is good compression in each cylinder. Check your codes with VCSD or a ODBI-CAN scanner. I prefer the more info from the Vagcom VCSD.

      Common wear and tear is belts chains, breaks and anything moving wearing out.. and hoses and sensors..

      The amount of power that has been made stock with these engines is very impressive. and would not agree with your "fragile". assessment. not everything is forged but you can buy forged rods if you want to make things tougher!
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