- How do you clean your bike?
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    1. Member
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      Sep 6th, 2008
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      10-17-2019 09:21 AM #1
      Looking for any tips on cleaning your bike(s). Typically I just blast mine off with a hose and use a brush to knock any dirt off, let it air dry and then lube where needed. That always worked in the past with my hardtail, just wondering if that is the best method with a FS or is there anything I should add to the regime?

      Any specific products you like to use? things that someone might not think to clean a bike with that work really well, that sort of thing.


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    3. Member HotCarlWeathers's Avatar
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      10-17-2019 03:36 PM #2
      Hose, maybe a little Simple Green or quick detailer on a microfiber, compressed air in the nooks and crannies, quick ride to dry off the wheels, lube, done. Clean and lube the chain once every two weeks if it's dusty outside, gross or it's race season, and give the bearings a check once a year. One thing I have made a point to do more of is cleaning chainring and jockey wheel teeth more often--lube and dust build up to form a surprisingly resilient muck that eats chains and watts and doesn't like to come clean.

      Microfiber cloths are clutch. I've contemplated trying some of the Muc Off cleaners/coatings/all-in-ones but it's CX season and everything is getting beat up anyway.

    4. Member A1an's Avatar
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      10-17-2019 04:21 PM #3
      I don't unless it gets really which point I'll let the mud/dirt dry, knock it off with a brush or something, then address the drivetrain with some water, a brush, a towel, and more lube.

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    6. Member Samson's Avatar
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      10-18-2019 08:14 AM #4
      I'll hose mine down if it's really muddy. Otherwise, it's an occasional wipe down with diluted Simple Green. I picked up an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner, and every so often I'll drop the chain and cassette in there for a deep cleaning, also in diluted Simple Green. It works surprisingly well. I also try to do a full teardown every year or so, at least on the MTBs.

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      10-18-2019 08:18 AM #5
      MucOff works awesome when the bike gets sticky mud. Lightly spray the bike, spray in stubborn dirty areas, let sit for 2-3 minutes, scrub (totally optional), spray off.
      For general cleaning after a ride, lightly spray then wipe down with Baby Wipes - yes! they are cheap, collect dirt and lets you get in tight spots
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    8. Member abt cup's Avatar
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      10-22-2019 07:55 PM #6
      I don't. I just clean my drivetrain and stanchions on the suspension.
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    9. 12-03-2019 05:22 AM #7
      the most drastic measures are alternating gasoline with a tile cleaner)

    10. Semi-n00b totalrecall98's Avatar
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      04-17-2020 02:49 PM #8
      I ride gravel, XC and road bikes and typically clean up the bike and lube drivetrain before each ride.

      Brushing off the dirt and dried mud is the preferred method as I try to avoid hosing down the bike unless it looks tragic after a muddy ride.
      Compressed air works great at blowing out the water instead of letting it sit and dry. Light cleanings and dust wipe off are easily take care of with waterless wash (e.g. Mothers, American Hybrid, etc.) sprayed on a microfiber towel.

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