- Rough idle and alot of other problems, please help
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    1. 10-16-2019 07:48 PM #1

      I own a 2009 tiguan 2.0 tsi 4motion with 113k miles.

      First problem is i have a missfire at idle
      And only at idle, i changed all injectors coil packs spark plugs and the high pressure fuel pump, i used a obd2 scaner and got p0171 and p119a and p300 code.

      The second problem is i have white smoke coming out from the oil cap so i changed the pcv valve and nothing changed does this mean that my engine is bad?

      The third problem is the yellow parking break light shows up randomly on the gauge cluster but the parking break button works perfectly.

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      10-18-2019 03:41 PM #2

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      Log fuel rail pressure with vcds. Verify specified and actual fuel match.
      If fuel pressure is within spec, then po119a is just a false code due to a vacuum leak.
      The misfires are also caused by the vacuum leak. You will need to smoke the system or spray brake clean to find where the leak is.
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