- 06 GLI thermostat replace but another issue occurs..
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    1. 10-16-2019 09:24 AM #1
      Spent a nightmare of a time tearing down my intake manifold and all it entails for the first time to change the thermostat. Pretty stressful that first time; especially after my injector didn't seal correctly so had to attempt a do-over. Just put her back together and noticed this motor going hardcore even after I removed the key. Ended up removing the battery -terminal cause it just kept going. I also noticed a leak right next to it but it didn't look like it was coming from the thermostat housing so I think it sealed correctly. EPC also came on but I may have fudged a sensor location since 2 now run in front of my throttle body instead of behind... anyway.. Main question is what is that boy that keeps running and what effect does it have on coolant? Im also curious If the water pump is even working considering during my teardown I noticed red coolant towards the bottom of the lines and clear water (i know I know it's only temporary) towards the top of the coolant bottle where I topped it off with H2O. My car came from a used dealership and they never did any maintenance so Im guessing Im gonna get reeeaallll familiar with it. Thanks in advance!

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    3. 10-18-2019 06:56 AM #2
      Am I doing this right? Nobody seems to notice any of my questions I post on here.. Anyways the car is back in order and running better than ever yet the lower thermostat house keep blowing off after a few minutes causing coolant to gush. Ive wrestled tryo to make sure it's secure as it can get even by taking the retainer completely off and back on again just to verify it's not stopping a full seal and yet this connecter will not seal completely. I have no idea what else to do. I've done this 4 times tonight and it always seems fine until I go for a test ride and then it's loose and gushing everywhere again...

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