- Help with intermittent P0172 only in warm weather
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    1. n00b
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      Nov 20th, 2012
      2k12 VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI
      10-14-2019 06:44 PM #1
      Hello everybody,

      I own an 2012 Scirocco 2.0 TSI (same engine as MK6 GTI I think) and I am having a hard time fixing this problem.
      The issue is that the check engine light turns on with a P0172 code (system to rich) and the car has all kinds of symptoms:
      -rough idle
      -hesitation on throttle
      -unburnt gas smell

      This is the weird part, these symptoms only occur in warm weather, so if the car is in the hot sun all day it runs badly but if its cold for a few days the problem goes away and the light turns off.
      So the car is fine in the winter but has problems all summer. Also in the summer sometimes the problem disappears after long road trips.

      So far I have gone to 2 different shops as well as the VW dealer and did not have any success; here is what I replaced so far:

      -purge valve solenoid
      -charcoal canister
      -fuel filter
      -air filter
      -O2 sensor
      -spark plugs
      -throttle body cleaned and reset (done by VW dealer)

      I have owned this car since new and it is fairly low mileage (95.000km) , the only things replaced before were the timing chain and the clutch.

      Any help is appreciated!

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    3. Member vwbrvr6's Avatar
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      Jul 30th, 2002
      Boca Raton, FL
      '11 GTI, 2018 Passat SE
      10-26-2019 10:05 AM #2
      Quote Originally Posted by G3ox View Post
      Hello everybody,

      -unburnt gas smell
      These usually suggest a fuel injector that is stuck open
      It go down in the DM

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