- whats best for my engine setup....
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    1. 10-13-2019 01:00 AM #1
      So i am upgrading to a K04-001 and I bought these cams from this guy on here … I spoke to the people who are doing the ecu tune and they need to know the supporting mods.. so if I go through and install the cams they will be dialed into the ecu tune, but not sure if I want to install them... anyways these are them piper cams the ultimate road cams.. im don't understand the technical jargon with all the specs.. im just not sure if they will benefit the setup with the k04.. I don't really understand the opening and closing off the valve timing setting and how cams work... but it says I can get 20 bhp from these.. don't know if these would benefit the k04 setup but if anyone has any knowledge about cams I would be appreciate the help.. not sure if ill gain power on the top end but lose power on the bottom or these are all and all just a better cam than the 1.8t is equipt with... and it would benefit me to use them...

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      ADR cams

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      What vegeta said.

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