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      10-08-2019 04:36 PM #1
      Barry Lundgren, 53, an owner of car dealerships who lives in Miami and Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., on his 2003 Enzo Ferrari, as told to A.J. Baime.

      When I was young, when I would see a Ferrari on the street, it was like the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Once, when I was 10, I saw one in a parking lot and approached the car. The owner yelled at me that I was getting too close. That stuck with me. I thought if I’m ever lucky enough to own one of these, I am going to share it with people. If you want to collect art that people cannot touch, buy paintings, not cars.

      I bought my Enzo four years ago. The original owner was the owner of a famous fashion house. (You had to be a longtime Ferrari client or a celebrity to buy the car new.) Every few years or so, Ferrari produces a special supercar that embodies the pinnacle in racing-derived automotive technology. The Enzo was that car for its era. Only 399 were made starting in 2002, plus one extra that Ferrari donated to the pope. [That car later sold at auction for charity. It sold again in 2015 for $6.05 million.]

      The car is named for Enzo Ferrari, who founded the company in Italy after World War II. It has Formula One-derived paddle shifters—there is no stick shift or clutch pedal—and a 660-horsepower 6.0-liter V-12 engine. When you step on the pedal, you get whiplash.

      Top speed is nearly 220 mph, and I have gotten it up to 150 at Daytona International Speedway. The car makes a lot of noise. It feels like a race car, but it is also a very usable supercar. You can throw a bag in it and go away for a weekend. When I take it to car shows or races, I carry a Sharpie, and I have gotten some famous race car drivers to sign the insides of both doors.

      The reaction the car gets is amazing. It’s like a celebrity walking into a restaurant. People ask if they can take a picture of it and I say, “Why don’t you get in the car and I’ll take your picture?” I created the Instagram account @sharetheenzo, full of pictures of car fans with the vehicle. I bring it to all these events, and I like to think that it is the most photographed of any Enzo on the planet.

      I love to share the car. Part of the joy of owning it is the joy it brings to others.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Blackohio
      Built in boost gauge in the dash. One of my friends at the time saw that turbo was on theoretical empty and asked if we needed to stop and get more turbo. I gave it gas and he was like wait, its full now. Had to quickly explain the process.
      Quote Originally Posted by Calcvictim View Post
      so basically the OP has no clue about anything and just posts out of his ass?

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      10-08-2019 04:38 PM #2
      I love this owner soooo much. What a great guy.
      たくさんとうふ、よ Where did all these damn Toyotas come from?
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      10-08-2019 04:47 PM #3
      Quick google search of this guy turns up that he owns (among a plethora of other things that would require further digging), the Motorcar Gallery. It's right near downtown Fort Lauderdale, has been there longer than I've been alive, and i drive past it every day on my way to work.

      It's one of my favorite dealers because they have a unique selection typically made up of older cars. It's only recently that Ferraris from the 90's have been popping in (two 550's and two 355's from what I can see from the road). Just an eclectic bunch of cars that are cool to see because I think of my childhood, as opposed to the collection that is about 2 miles before that I also drive by and has everything you would think of made in the past 7 years. Enzos, Sennas, P1s, etc. Some crazy stuff, but its refreshing to see the old cars. They look so quaint in comparison. And now, reading that article, it makes sense.
      Quote Originally Posted by DzlDub View Post
      Cars are ****ing awesome, anyone who doesn't want a car is a communist.
      Disclaimer: Generally, I strongly dislike people.
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      10-08-2019 05:44 PM #4
      That is awesome. Right kind of owner.

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      Aug 18th, 2016
      10-08-2019 06:03 PM #5
      cool owner most exotic car owners ive met on the road dont know s*** about cars periodnot that they are required to know

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      10-09-2019 07:45 AM #6
      Awesome viewpoint from a great Enzo owner.

      Glad he traded up from this:

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      10-09-2019 12:34 PM #7

      This is so great on so many levels

      Quote Originally Posted by David Votoupal
      The car sucked in every way imaginable, that it entered the annals as one of the worst cars ever built. It was shoddily built in a plant where labour relations were atrocious. It rusted like hell, and the aluminium engine had the durability of a soggy potato chip. Few cars could have been so thoroughly bad Despite the "explosion" controversy, the Ford Pinto compared favourably to the Vega, and that's saying something.

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      10-09-2019 01:18 PM #8
      This right here is how you properly rich person.
      I still remember seeing a countach in my neighbourhood when I was 10. I was sitting on my bike and the guy was going into get a pizza. He asked me to keep an eye on the car while he went in. When he came back out he thanked me and said I should sit in it. I sat in the drivers seat for 10 seconds and 24 years later I still clearly remember it. It's so easy to be kind to people, I don't know why people don't feel the need to bother.
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      10-09-2019 02:08 PM #9
      This year the truly scary costumes don't have a mask

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      10-09-2019 02:19 PM #10
      great, really great.

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      10-09-2019 03:14 PM #11
      Meanwhile, if I ever owned a car half as cool as that...

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      10-09-2019 03:54 PM #12
      I had some extremely cool experiences as a kid at Road America, including a ride in an F40 and Countach on the track. Totally set the hook for me loving cars.

      Now that my dad is lucky enough to own some Ferraris he always lets kids sit in the car and take photos. All the time. He want to pass it on for other kids.

      If I owned a cool enough car, I would do that same but no one wants their photo taken in a Ford Focus.

      for this Enzo owner
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      10-09-2019 10:21 PM #13
      miles of smiles

      Quote Originally Posted by cartalk
      "As near as I could tell, the car was built from compressed rust."

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      10-10-2019 12:05 AM #14
      Quote Originally Posted by atomicalex View Post
      I love this owner soooo much. What a great guy.

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      10-10-2019 10:38 AM #15
      Barry is a great guy and personal friend of my fathers. You'll find that many of the folks in the Ferrari circle have a similar attitude with their cars. I use to take my father's car out with my buddies. He'd ask my friend if they got a chance to drive it.....and if not he'd make them get in the drivers seat and go again.

      Good to see an article like this one.
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      10-10-2019 11:45 AM #16
      Clearly, not on the same level, but I love doing the same thing with the R8. Let people that typically dont get to enjoy these things, enjoy them. You never know what that one little encounter could do for a young person.

      Untitled by smooremin, on Flickr
      Quote Originally Posted by patrikman View Post
      Asking OT for relationship advice makes about as much sense as asking TCL what car to buy.
      Quote Originally Posted by ChillOutPossum View Post
      About 5 oclock I realized I needed to go to Costco for some white people stuff.

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      10-10-2019 12:24 PM #17

      This guy approves as do I.

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      10-10-2019 12:37 PM #18
      This turns into a great rolling set of opportunities across the board.

      Cars and Camera .

      Quote Originally Posted by mitch hedberg
      I drive a rental car, I don't know what's going on with it, right? So a lot of times I'll drive for like 10 miles with the emergency brake on. That doesn't say a lot for me, but it really doesn't say a lot for the emergency brake.
      Quote Originally Posted by Robstr View Post
      How hard is that to understand without getting your panties in a bunch?
      Surely some of you guys managed to make it out of middle school.

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      10-10-2019 12:43 PM #19
      Feels good

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      10-11-2019 11:18 AM #20

      Red is stunningly good.

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      10-11-2019 08:45 PM #21
      Definitely nice to see exotic car owners like this!

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      10-12-2019 01:28 PM #22

      All ages

      We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

      Oscar Wilde

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      10-19-2019 02:08 PM #23

      kids love it
      Quote Originally Posted by PsyberVW View Post
      Locking it up because it's going to get worse mileage than a 1 legged dog with a hang over - yet stir up more crap than a starving catfish in a landfill.

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      10-19-2019 10:00 PM #24
      Quote Originally Posted by Smooremin View Post
      Clearly, not on the same level, but I love doing the same thing with the R8. Let people that typically dont get to enjoy these things, enjoy them. You never know what that one little encounter could do for a young person.

      Quote Originally Posted by steelgatorb8 View Post

      This guy approves as do I.
      Quote Originally Posted by Mk1Madness
      Back when making your car faster and better handling was the big thing.
      Quote Originally Posted by Tavarish
      The car's best safety feature includes ejecting you in the moment of impact and wishing you the best of luck.

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      10-19-2019 10:46 PM #25
      What a great idea and attitude. It's like the exact opposite of "more than you can afford pal."

      I remember about a decade ago seeing a GT3RS at a track day and in the garage I went nuts over it--perfect car, perfectly optioned. Between sessions the gentleman actually invited me to lunch with his crew and drove me there in it. Instant role model for me.

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