- b7 avant 3.2L v6 stalling
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    1. 10-03-2019 08:23 PM #1
      In need of advice. I have a 07 3.2 A4 avant. On Tuesday I got gas around noon, went to work and came home. I was home around 10 minutes and went to restart my car and let it idle. It just shuts off. The battery will stay on. I didn't drive my car Tuesday night but I did on wednesday for about 30 miles or so. I go into arbys and it does the same thing. I start it, let it idle and for about a minute it idled, then stalled, cut off, died, whatever you want to say. I go home to get my obd scanner and there is NO CODES, NO CEL. I start it up when I get back to it and am able to drive it home. Fast forward to this morning, it runs and drives fine to work. I come home on lunch and it does the same ****. After I shut it off for about 10 minutes then restart it will stall during idling. Today I came home after work and replaced the fuel filter, drove around for a bit and came home to see if it would repeat itself and it did. i'm going to attach a video but I have nothing to go off of.

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    3. 10-14-2019 10:15 PM #2
      This a 3.2 v6. Not a vr6 3.2 engine.

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