- Strange Audi TT Dash
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    1. n00b
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      Sep 27th, 2019
      White Rock, BC, Canada
      2000 Audi TT, 1980 El Camino
      09-30-2019 04:07 PM #1
      I recently purchased a 2000 Audi TT Quattro that has this dash in it. I have looked all over the net and can't find any info on this dash. The tach and speedo work but nothing else. I am reluctant to sending this dash in for repairs until I can find out more about. Have any of you seen or know anything about these dashes? I'm new on this forum and was unaware that I can't post a photo. The dash has a digital tach unlike the normal analog type I have been able to find on the internet. The dash has a carbon fiber look and the gauge surrounds are in red. There is only one button on the bottom right hand side that is used to reset the odometer there is no bottom on the left side.
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    3. Member
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      Feb 17th, 2016
      Toronto, Ontario
      2002 Audi TT Quattro Stage 1
      09-30-2019 11:08 PM #2
      Looks like some Chinese alibaba / eBay mod.... definitely not oem or anything from the big tuner companies but I may be wrong.

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