- Throttle cable conversion
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      09-27-2019 01:41 AM #1
      So I have a tsi with the Eurodyne stage 2 tune. I have grown to absolutely hate drive by wire. It the throttle is not responsive, the rev hang is ridiculous and will sometimes last 2-3 seconds before dropping. I have tried 3 different tunes, lightened pulleys, lightened single mass flywheel, and a pedal box. All of which just made it rev up faster but rev hang is still there. I really just want a throttle body with a cable so when I let off the throttle, the car returns to idle.
      Not really concerned with codes or tuning or the installation process, just need a throttle body that fits the mk6 manifold or aftermarket manifold and a suitable tps.
      If I can't figure something out with this rev hang, I'm going trade the car in for something else.
      Tuned mk6 2.0t CBFA 6 speed ECU for sale. Launch control set @ 3800 & 8psi, immobilizer delete, cat delete, air pump delete. $300 shipped.

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    3. 09-27-2019 02:16 AM #2
      I dealt with some of that "hang", my frustration was with throttle response lag. Ultimately, with lots of patience and tweaking settings in multiple sensors I've been able to reduce it to about 1/32 second without any codes. That said, it was over the course of about 4 months and HOURS of data logging, co.parison, tweaking, logging, comparing. Rinse repeat ad nauseoum.
      You should take your ride to H2O - I bet someone there could assist

      I can tell you that I started with the intention of posting a step by step guide, with pics, vids you name it. At the end I wasn't sure of my name and was glad the thing still ran.
      Why am I telling you this if I cant help? Because it sounds like you are already pissed and I'm suggesting you might want to simply jump and get a different ride.
      I was a doubter of turbo and FI as I came from a carburetor world - looking back - THAT was lag...

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