Hi everyone, I need some help. I bought this car a few weeks ago and it has been really great. I haven't had such a nice car before and it makes driving fun again. But alas, I'm left chasing something which I can see before my very eyes. Upon ignition my low beams come up, they shoot up and down, then swivel out left and right. It's awesome, I've never even driven a car that does that. and then a dash light comes on and a message appears "Bend Lighting (AFS) Failure". Bummer.
I've tried to do my research, but this seems to be something outside reason.
So my headlights don't move. The low beams seem to function okay as they would in any traditional car. Right?
I've also got a warning about brake light a couple times though they seem fine in dull reflection.
I've never bought a car from a dealer. I just got it back today, they give me four new tires I realized it really needed after I bought it (they were barely legal) and they were supposed to look at the headlights. The salesman has said it's something of a blown bulb, but I can see it go though operation check and crash. It seems like they looked into it very much. I don't have much else to offer as to information, so I don't expect much. Is this just insignificant problem that costs ludicrous $$$$ to fix I'm just going to live with?
Thanks for listening