- AGGwith APK head+twin carbs
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    1. 09-25-2019 03:11 PM #1
      I'm almost done with my build in my G1 cab.
      It's a AGG block(euro MK3 115hp gti) with a mildly portet APK x-flow head from a MK4.
      And running twin 40mm Weber carbs, and Schrick 276 cam.
      Only worry i have, is ignition...

      The car is a 1983 1,5 JB originally, with points ignition..
      I really dont want alot of wires in my engine bay, is there a EASY way to upgrade my distributor to a hallsensor based with out to much hassle?

      if any one has a wiring diagram for dummies, then i'm all ears

      thanx from DK

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    3. 10-05-2019 10:50 AM #2
      you can just buy a kit. coil/hall sender and module. 3 wires to connect up

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