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      Sep 23rd, 2008
      2001 VW Golf MK4 2.sl0w
      09-20-2019 07:22 AM #1
      Hello guys.
      so i decided today to take out my golf mk4 for an hour drive.
      Since i live in the middle east, its quite hot (45C - 113F)
      Car is shifting fine until i drove on a highway. Once i went back to the city, Car wont go to 2nd gear until 4500 RPM (normal acceleration)
      Took the car back home. let it rest for some hours, then started driving with VCDS plugged IN.

      The problem happens when my gearbox reach 140C - 284F.
      Was worried after reading threads, did oil filter change, flushed my coolant and refilled it. nothing. still same.
      Changed Trans Coding to 00022 00021 00020 and still same problem.

      scanned for Fault Codes but nothing... No Fault Codes.

      at this point im lost. 1 note on the side, car when on first gear have a whine. once in 2nd gear it goes away. this whine on when car is moving until shift to 2nd.

      i need help solving this problem because my nightmare is changing the trans.

      Car is 2001 2.0L MK4 Auto Trans. 50k KM / 31K Miles (not used hence the low KM)

      EDIT : Youtube Link of VCDS when the Specific Problem Happens. If an expert can help. as u can see RPM goes High 4500+ to force shift to 2nd gear (Starts 5 MIN)
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