- 2009 DSG jerkiness (pre-purchase advise sought)
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      09-12-2019 09:17 PM #1
      Hello fellow Vortex people!

      Today I looked at a used 2009 Eos Lux with the ~200hp TSI engine from a private party. It only has 30k miles on it from a single owner. I spent about 45 minutes with the car, including 30 minutes on the road & highway, and made the observation that there is a certain jerkiness to the transmission when moving the car from a complete standstill. There's a noticeable jolt right before the car starts moving, every single time.

      I have since perused plenty of threads here concerning known issues with the DSG transmission in the pre-2010 years, and came to understand that most dealers would say this is normal, whereas plenty of owners find it rather annoying.

      But is it normal, really? I don't want to buy a car if the transmission is likely to blow out in a year or two.

      Appreciate any thoughts/advise on any of the above.


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      09-13-2019 07:06 AM #2
      I had a 2009 A3 with the same 6-speed DSG transmission. Same exact problem moving from a dead stop. Annoying as hell. It's like the computer is a newbie who's never driven a stick shift before. My girl had learned to live with it, but it drove me nuts. I tried just about everything except changing the mechatronics. Nothing really helped except doing the DSG reset every few weeks. That tells me it's a software problem. But dealer just says that's how they work so no software upgrades.

      THAT SAID, the car and the transmission never broke down during the 9 yr/75k miles we owned it.

      Fast forward to this year. We picked up a 2013 A3 with the same 6-speed DSG transmission. Night and day difference. They must've reprogrammed the thing because now it creeps forward from a stop smoothly like a normal auto transmission and shifts as smoothly as ever. Interestingly, it's a little jerky when cold in the morning, but once warmed up, it shifts like a dream. The '09 transmission actually shifted like a dream from a dead stop when cold, but became that newbie who couldn't shift as the transmission warmed up. So again, I think it's the programming.

      I am much happier with the 2013 version of the programming. I can live with 2 minutes of jerkiness while it warms up. I can't deal with the '09 transmission on a 2 hour stop-n-go Los Angeles traffic.
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