- engine support for new beetle 2.0 Liter motor mount replacement
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    1. 09-12-2019 03:01 PM #1
      What is the best way to support the engine for a motor mount replacement in a 2004 2.0 liter new beetle? Unless I missed something I don't think an engine support bar/bridge will work for a new beetle, no where to place the bridge feet. thanks

      Update: I purchased an engine support bar from harbor freight ($79.00 + tax). The problem I ran into was the foot pads being square to the support bar where the beetle is v-shaped. With a dremel grinder I modified the clevis brackets that allow the bar to tilt so that the feet now turn in slightly and follow the contour of the engine bay. HTH someone. Cheers
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      09-21-2019 09:48 PM #2
      Good info! I think I probably have the same support bar, but have only used it on Jettas. I would have probably taken my chances with a 2x4 on my jack under the edge of the oil pan, but only because I'm funny about grinding on any of my 'new' tools! Haha...

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