- P0299 new DV / only 1 psi
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    1. 09-12-2019 12:39 PM #1
      Working on a 2006 GTI 2.0T

      Was previously boosting around 19 PSI (Bought this way with little info). Was coming back on a long drive and started getting underboost. Okay, removed the Diverter valve to find it in 3 pieces despite being new style. Also noted a "Forge" brand spacer. (Have yet to notice any boost taps?)

      Just replaced the Diverter valve with a new one/ new ECS spacer. Checked for tightness/Plug and everything is snug and clicked into place. Car still only builds around 1 PSI / Code cleared nothing returning at the moment

      I'm guessing my checklist is:

      Check PCV

      Check 249/N75? Are they the same or different? This looks difficult to change compared to the rest so it's probably this?

      Intercooler pipes / leaks

      Anything I'm missing? The hell is the N75 on this car? n249 sits above the diverter valve yeah?

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    3. 09-12-2019 12:55 PM #2
      Also check the wastegate. My wastegate on my 09 gti had actually migrated inboard and was no longer sealing on the housing causing the P0299 which meant new turbo. The wastegate can either be seized open or it can be out of position. Check for freedom of movement of the wastegate, and make sure there is a gap between the wastegate arm and the turbo housing. Mine was so far inboard that they were almost touching. Good luck!

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