I searched over the first few pages in here and didn't see a "Tools" thread so I will apologize if I missed something. Thought it would be cool to have a thread reviewing whatever tools you are using for your home improvement projects.

*I'm posting it with the caveat that I am actually a manufacturers rep for DeWalt & Lenox in the Electrical Distribution channel. That being said this is my first real experience working with the tools outside of canned demos at trainings. It was really great to actually bust these things out in a real world situation of my own to get my own opinions. I promise I will not try to sell anything in here.

I had the opportunity to try out my DeWalt DCS367 20V Compact Recip Saw this past weekend doing demo on plaster and lath. I used the Lenox 6" Nail Embedded Wood Blade (656R).

I made cuts beside the studs from ceiling to floor along the two exterior walls which were 1840's plaster on top of wooden lath from the same era. We tried to clean up as we went along. Here is the first wall done.

The ceiling had drywall laid over plaster throughout. We removed the drywall by hand and then I cut parallel to the beams the length of the ceiling throughout the expanse. Same deal plaster and lath.

We did it in halves so we could move our tools from one side of the room to the other.

The DCS367 was very impressive. Combined with the Lenox 656R blade it cut through both materials like butter. The saw did have a couple of issues during the ceiling work due to dust build up in the "chuck". I figured out that cutting shorter sections and then turning the saw upside down and running it kept it cleaned out and I didn't have any further issues.

The nice thing about the compact size is that I could basically one hand it while shielding myself from debris... There was a LOT of debris.

The real shocker to me was that I used one Lenox 656R blade for all of it. I honestly thought I'd blow through the 5 Pack.

If you look at the top pics that is the "after" of the blade. Not a single missing tooth and it still cuts through wood just fine.