Hopped in the car Saturday, drove 30 minutes and everything was fine. Parked it for 5 minutes, hopped back in and clutch pedal went to the floor. Car will start and drive in gear so the clutch is still there.

I've already replaced clutch slave and master cylinders in the last 6 months. Can't find any leaks, and the return spring is still there. Backed the bolts on the slave out yesterday to verify the rod is moving when you move the pedal by hand.

I'm trying to troubleshoot everything I can before pulling the transmission. It's possible the slave is pushing, but without enough force. I pushed the bar with my finger, no movement. I pushed the bar with a socket extension, no movement.

How much force is required to move the clutch bar? I'd think if the pivot ball failed it would have some slop, but I'm looking for some ideas/knowledge.