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    Thread: 4 bar map

    1. 09-06-2019 10:30 PM #1
      Alright I need some advice on my Malone tuner I bought a 2000 tdi with built bottom end, studded head, vnt 17/56, southbend clutch, 1.8t cv shafts and hubs I’m running about 23 psi of boost sometimes it will run up to 32 psi I would like to be up around 40 psi and regulate boost better so I bought a 4 bar map it’s running stock map and a “stage 5 Malone tune” so I put the 4 bar in and I think it went to limp mode no boost. Put the stock map back in runs fine so my question does the tuner need reprogrammed for the 4 bar map? Or am I missing something?

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    3. 09-07-2019 01:00 AM #2
      The car also has in tank lift pump, stock 10mm pump, I believe .210 nozzles, race pipe, bigger front mounted inner cooler and turbo back 3” exhaust.

    4. 09-10-2019 12:42 AM #3
      Yes, you can't change sensors like this without software. They report a voltage based off a position, without calibration everything would be off by 4/2.5 (4 bar over 2.5 bar, being the stock sensor). A stage 5 tune would be for a 3 bar map sensor typically though, so I'd check some part #s on your car to make sure it has the appropriate hardware.

      Your turbos suitable for 24-26 psi, more than that you won't really make more power, just shorten the life of the components. You also need the fuel to burn, so if it's running very clean then it has room for more power, 210 nozzles with a 10mm pump wouldn't be big enough, an 11mm pump would be a decent upgrade without swapping the injectors out again.

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