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    Thread: iPhone Help

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      09-05-2019 03:02 PM #1
      A family member dropped their iPhone in some water yesterday, initially the screen would not come on and it would do pretty much nothing. They asked me if I can take a look at it and if nothing else get the contacts, calendar etc from the phone. They do not have a back up on iCloud. So, I manage to get the screen to come on, but it is completely unresponsive (I can see water intrusion on the screen), so "Slide to Unlock" for example does not work. If I plug it into my laptop, the computer recognizes the phone. Here's where things get annoying, or interesting, depending how you want to look at it.

      If I install iTunes and let it know I want it to access my device, it says I have to click "Trust" on the screen. Problem is, trust never appears, or if it does, I need to unlock the screen in order to click Trust. Same if I use TouchCopy, it recognizes a phone is plugged in, but wants me to click on "Trust" on the phone before I can access anything on it. So, at the moment I am entirely stuck.

      Does anyone know if there is a way to get around the Trust option on the screen with an unresponsive screen? I looked into taking it apart and trying to get at the screen to either clean it, or at least see if the LCD screen and not the digitizer would accept any touch input. But, it looks like to get to the screen you have to fully dismantle the phone that it would not work anyway since the phone would be in about 20 pieces. I can't find any other software that will bypass the "Trust" pop up that appears, nothing to get into the file system, so even though my computer recognizes a phone, I can't do anything with it.

      If there is nothing I can use, do Apple support have anyway to access the phone with different software? Or would they likely run into the same problem as I am?


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      10-08-2019 05:08 PM #2
      Apple will definitely not want to help you in data recovery. All they want from you is buy another Apple product.

      I suggest you go visit Jessa Jones from IPad Rehab
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      10-11-2019 12:47 PM #3
      I actually managed to get everything off it in the end, as the phone dried out it was responsive enough that I could click "Trust"..... just had to mash the screen a bunch for it to accept it, after that used a couple apps to get everything off of it and then tossed the phone. I have no doubt Apple are only interested in selling a new device, especially as I think this was only an iPhone 4 or 5. I forget which it was, but it was a few years old, worked perfectly for the owner though (before it took a bath).

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