- 2000’s VR6 Beetle
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    1. 09-03-2019 03:35 PM #1
      This post is to help anyone that is looking to do a VR swap on MK4 platforms. I did this a couple of years back so figured I’d share with the community. My apologies for the low resolution photo, was taken 10 years ago with a potato. Pic update

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      09-06-2019 05:38 PM #2
      Are you sure that's not photoshopped?
      But really
      That is a very clean looking swap
      Bet it hauled ass
      Now imagine that as a VRT and AWD.....on bags..
      Probably already been done..

    4. 09-06-2019 07:12 PM #3
      Lol definitely not photoshop. I’ll try to source some pics I took along the way through the swap. It looked pretty clean and a neck breaker at car meets. Anyway, the person that bought it off me wasn’t a VW enthusiast and blew the transmission within a month, ended up seeing in on CL months later. No idea who owned it after that. My username came off that build.... man been a while

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      12-02-2019 02:26 AM #4
      Moar pics...

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