- Custom air intake
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    1. 08-27-2019 09:57 PM #1
      Hi all, I'm looking at building a custom SRI for my 3.6l v6 VW cc.

      Looking at most of the aftermarket kits, they just appear to be a couple of silicone fittings connected to a pod filter and a basic piece of sheet metal.

      I just wanted to see:
      -has anyone made their own intake for this engine?
      -does anyone have any feedback on the best inlet pipe sizing?
      -Any other tips regarding intake design/layout.

      I am not intending to get a power increase, and am mostly seeking induction sound.

      I can't see how most of the aftermarket intake kits are justified in price. The silicone fittings, hose clamps and brackets and filter can be purchased for a fraction of the price of the full kit.

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      08-28-2019 04:03 PM #2
      It’s been a while since I built mine but I used a swoops hidden MAF intake pipe and then played with it and made it more of a funnel intake. It’s not cheap either. Buy a set of calipers and start measuring is my advice. I think you will still be into it for more than you anticipated and have more time invested than you expect and it may not be as good.

      I spent more than I planned to but I like how mine is.

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